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If the city is more to your liking take a walk through the markets, pop into a noodle bar for a great meal and visit one of Asia’s greatest shopping districts.

For first time visitors, the sheer size of the city and its skyline is breathtaking.

Remote hiking areas, fishing villages and hidden temples dot numerous other islands and offer a great cultural immersion.

Lantau Island, location of the international airport, is the largest of these regions and is by itself, region 1.

Four of these districts or regions make up Hong Kong Island while a further 6 line the Harbour on its north side, Kowloon City being one of them.

Once at the top, the viewing area overlooks the entire city, offering a most impressive bird’s-eye view. Ngong Ping 360 is a gondola line offering spectacular 360 degree views of Lantau Island with its beautiful mountains and valleys.

The gondola line runs along airport island and continues its almost six kilometre journey up to Ngong Ping, Hong Kong’s second highest peak.

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