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Instead, I used my engineering degree to pursue my love of adventure and get a job in the oilfields of first Sarawak on the island of Borneo and then California before the shockwaves from the 1929 Wall Street crash meant I had to return to London and find another job.

Eventually I found something through an eccentric 'fixer' who had been recommended to me called Stephen Talbot.

We were also given cash and bottles of vodka by Lavrenty Beria, an NKVD (secret police) official who was later to become a notorious deputy prime minister under Stalin.

As the ceremony finished and everyone dispersed, I was shocked to see a familiar figure walking up the central aisle of the building towards me. Moved by my deluge of heartfelt letters, she had decided she wanted to be with me, no matter what.

The couple met at the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow When I finally caught up with her outside, I tried to explain in my broken Russian that I hadn't wanted to spoil her enjoyment of the performance and she agreed to go back inside during the interval to collect her coat. Back inside the theatre, she placed her coat over her arm and edged towards the door again. Over a drink, I discovered she was a nurse and lived in a small apartment in the suburbs.

Like most Muscovites then, she was nervous of being seen talking to foreigners. Another drink - and she agreed to stay for supper with Talbot, Frank and me.

As the vast orchestra began to play, the door behind us opened. She hesitated when she saw the two empty seats but then unwrapped her fur cape from her shoulders, revealing a simple red dress subtly decorated with black flowers.I was born in 1901 - to a comfortably-off middle-class family in the Home Counties.Educated at public school and then at Cambridge, I deeply disappointed my parents when I didn't join the Army as my father had hoped.But every word of this story, set down by Grover before his death 17 years ago and now published in a new book, is true.Hey say a drowning man sees his whole life flash before him as he is dying, but if my experience is anything to go by, it is different when you are plunging from the sky.

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